Being coached by Coyote Jackson has opened my eyes, my mind and my heart to what real encouragement feels like. And it is a strong feeling indeed. I am starting my own business: an endeavor I've never done before. Foremost he is patient and understanding in listening to my words. He has helped me to clarify those words and goals when I am fumbling in unfamiliar terrain. There's a large sense of patience and empathy Coyote consistently has exhibited throughout the entire process, and it has created such a nurturing environment that I look forward to the next coaching, and the next and next. Coyote has consistently held a gentle, kind mirror up to me during even the small victories and shown me that it's important to cheer and revel in feeling good throughout the whole process. The path to building a business is fraught with challenges, and to overcome them and remember to celebrate has made the process incredibly rewarding thanks to his guidance.

Timothy Whitaker

Sometimes in life you feel like you are walking around in a maze. And no matter how many turns you make you just can't seem to find your way out. And you get frustrated, angry, and end up feeling defeated. Then you turn the corner and find this gentle man waiting for you. He smiles and welcomes you with a hug and asks if you need help. You begin walking with him, and just being in his presence makes you feel better. His warm smile and hearty laughter is infectious. He begins to ask you questions about what is in your heart and what you want. You get the sense that he is really listening, without judgment, fully present with you in that moment. He hears your negative self talk and reminds you that you are good and beautiful and that it is safe to ask the universe for whatever you want. And when you admit you don't know how to do that he guides you, and gives you tools for the times he can't be with you. And then he steps back and lets you walk around the maze alone. That man is Coyote And now as you walk around the maze you have a spring in your step. You still don't have all the answers to the maze but now you realize it is just a journey and there is so much to see and experience along the way. You notice the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you hear other people in the maze too. And you are looking forward to finding and meeting them so you can be part of each other's journeys. Maybe there are storm clouds in the distance but you realize you are now prepared for them too....because Coyote gave you an umbrella. Working with Coyote has helped me become friends with the best person in the world...myself. He has taught me how to love her first and in doing so has made me less afraid to face my fears and live life with joy.

Melissa Pecci

I have been working with Coyote for over a year on multiple projects. Coyote is a force and a joy to work with. His work always comes with the highest integrity and exceeds expectations. Coyotes force is met with compassion. He has the ability to sense the need and work with an open and gentle heart. I'm lucky to find a partner who brings both of these opposing but congruent qualities.

Erik Schneider

I worked with Coyote during a time of significant life and career transition. I had pushed my existing approach to life and work as far as it would take me, and wanted to really challenge my understanding of what's possible. After a brief chat with Coyote, it was apparent that he had transformed himself and was living just a completely different experience of life than I was. I was intrigued and it was pretty obvious that I could learn a lot from him, so we started working together. About three months into our coaching, I had a life-transforming experience that has completely changed my life. It was late on a Friday night, and I was engaging with just a ton of stress and anxiety. As I really embraced these feelings and did some practical exercises that he and I had been practicing together, I had the physical sensation, in my body, of what it felt like to be completely valuable as a person, just by virtue of existing. For years, I had struggled to grasp onto any feeling of personal value outside of accomplishment. Accomplishment was my way of proving my value and right to exist - to myself and others. But that evening, I physically became conscious of my innate, complete, unchangeable value as a human. Since then, life has been a completely different experience. I live for the joy and challenge of personal expression and expansion as a divine being. There is no longer this grasping for an illusive sense of completeness or wholeness that had characterized my life. I could recommend Coyote for his unique perspective, experience and insight, but ultimately he has helped me to interact with life through a different lense, and that has changed the way I think, feel, act and experience life. I expect we'll work together again in the future. Thanks Coyote!

Dave Mox

Working with Coyote this past year has totally changed my life in so many ways! When I first started working with him I was in a cycle of depression and anxiety which was completely overwhelming and debilitating. I am now living from Joy, Connection and Love. Now I am capable of facing all challenges and seizing the many opportunities that lie ahead on this beautiful journey. I am eternally grateful for his love and support. He has really encouraged and assisted me in putting so many things into practice which has totally transformed my world!

Scott Burke

In my case it`s a bit like “Life before Coyote” and “Life after Coyote”. Before I started working with Coyote, I felt lost, alone, afraid, stressed, and anxious. I was struggling with negative self-talk, comparison. My mind racing between the past and the future, but never in the present. Basically, I was living in my own mental prison. I needed help. I knew I wanted to live my life in a different way – fulfilled, joyous and free. Shortly after beginning to work with Coyote, I noticed that I started breaking through those mental walls. My confidence started changing. I started taking leadership roles, I learned how to work through my fears and anxiety and become playful and experimental with it. Coyote helped me build my mental fitness to the point to where I am now able to face something I thought was and emotional crisis with lightness and curiosity, recognizing that this is just another lesson to be learned at the University Of Life. Coyote inspired me to search deeply for my meaningful work and even better to turn it into a business and get paid for it. What`s better than getting paid to do what you love? And speaking of love, Coyote practices and teaches love as the highest purpose in human life. I would work with Coyote, again and again as when I was lost in a world of “looks”, “successes” and “comparisons”, Coyote shined his light on me, just like a “lighthouse”, and helped me find my way back home to my heart. I am forever grateful for the work you do, Coyote. Thank you!

Tedy Kamenova

Coyote there is no way for me to make an adequate statement in regards to the impact our encounter has had on my mental posture. From our first meeting that convinced me to dive in, to our last ones, our interactions have been a joyful process of coming home to my self while shaking free of distorted memories and beliefs. You brought out the best in me, reminding me that I had arrived at my longed for destination already. A year later, I feel taller, deeply rooted in a world that is my home and my self. Thank you for contributing to the unfolding of this beautiful year.

Charles Gauthier

I signed up for YNAB in Jan 2021 & it wasn't until I started working with Coyote in Nov 2021 that I began to understand how to make it work for us. It took many weeks, with his help, to get our finances sorted. With Coyote's calm & steady guidance, I was able to break through a huge learning curve, get out of panic mode, & truly have the control of our finances like I always dreamed of. If you are needing guidance on YNAB, Coyote will get you where you want to be!