Hi. I'm Coyote.

You can find powerful help here if you are open to it. You can read the writing, the stories, the tales of journeys of transformation, and about the work Coyote does with people and see if there is something here that aligns with your energetic frequency in life. Your particular way of looking at the world. Coyote’s way of seeing the world is full of play, of magic, of love, of peace, of joy and an indescribable explosion of appreciation and joyful love for the entire world and everyone in it. You will feel this energy when you interact with him. He will help you discover these energies within you, in addition to your own particular magical and beautiful qualities that you have to share with the world.

What are you seeking in life – what is it that you want? Are you struggling with an issue that you are looking for spiritual, practical, knowledgeable advice and help with? Is there something holding you back from achieving what you feel your potential is? Are you looking to break through to another level in some area or areas of your life? This is what Coyote can help you uncover, and by shining light upon it, melt it away.

Life so far has been a wild and beautiful adventure. One that includes deep suffering – addiction, obesity, crippling debt, deep body shame, suicide attempts, depression, anxiety, PTSD, agoraphobia and most of all the shutting down of a heart made to love and laugh and fill others with joy. Coyote’s experience in these difficulties is shared by many. Perhaps by you? Filled with fear, shame and feeling like we are not good enough, we are not able to be there for others, and we are not able to fill the world with our particular beautiful art, or be fully present in loving relationships.

For me now this life experience has become one of joy, of creativity, of deep love and of appreciation of everything this world has to offer, from the smallest blade of grass to the most intricately designed skyscraper. This is what I learned to transform through my journey. I would love to help you on yours, whether you are looking to escape the clutches of anxiety and depression, or whether you are looking to shift into the vast joyful experience of really thriving. When you can truly speak the truth that today, each day, is the best day of your life.

If you are called to work with me please follow your heart and take a first step: reach out. Click the button below to set up an appointment with me, or use the Contact page to send me a message. I’d truly love to understand what you’re going through and see if I can help you.

In addition to the deep coaching work I also share stories and insights through my writing, freely available here. You can sign up for email updates at the bottom of the page.

I also host a free meditation group once a week on Sunday – please come and join if you want to get some help with beginning or deepening into a meditation practice. No previous experience necessary. Check it out and get the zoom link on the meditations page. That’s where you’ll also find many recorded guided meditations available for you to use whenever you wish. 

Wishing you Love, peace, magic, joy, and PLAY.