Hi. I'm Coyote.

I write about how to create transformation in your life, based on my experience. I write on topics like the joy & magic of life, depression, shame, transforming difficult experiences into learnings and wisdom, alcoholism, Buddhist teachings, meditation, playing and adventuring outside, suicide, LGBT issues, atypical relationships, upgrading your life, and technology – all of which I know quite a bit about. 

My purpose in life is to help others see the joy and magic that is all around us, to shine light so we can all see a little better, to play and explore this amazing life experience we are having, and to share whatever I find with anyone interested.

I’ve had a pretty wild ride in life, and have gone from the depths of suffering to creating and living a life of joy, free from suffering, which you can read about in my story.

I offer 1:1 coaching, and love to dig deep into sharing practices and helping you create the results you wish in life. Check out my coaching page to set up a free call with me.

I also host a free meditation group twice a week, and I have many recorded meditations available here, to use whenever you wish.

Wishing you Love, peace, magic, joy, and PLAY.

Latest Writing

Driving through Aspen

My hands gripped the steering wheel tightly. My mind tight and fixed, thinking of how unbelievably rich are the people that come here. Families, with



They. This mysterious they. “Why are they doing it like that?” “Can you believe that they haven’t done that yet?” This concept of “they” is a powerful linguistic construction.