Meditation is beyond doubt the most powerful tool for transformation I have encountered. I have learned vast amounts through this practice. I am delighted to be able to share this with others.

I host a meditation group session once a week for free. It’s 20 minutes long and I hold it every Sunday at 8am Pacific (11am Eastern, 4pm London, or 5pm CET). They are on Zoom. Just add yourself to the list here to get the zoom link – that way I can also let you know about any changes to the days or times etc.

The group is on pause at the moment (August 2023) while I take a break to do some travel, you can still sign up and get a notice of when we’ll start back up again.

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The meditations here and the group sessions I lead are free. If you find them valuable in your life, and would like to make a one-time or recurring donation, it is very gratefully received. You can donate by credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Venmo. But feel free to listen, download and use these as much as you want as my gift to you.

Below are recordings of some of the sessions, and other guided meditations I’ve created that you can use anytime yourself. You can play them in this page, or you can download them.

Simply find a place to sit for 20 minutes.

Beginning instruction in sitting, and then practicing with discovering the fundamental, basic goodness that is our nature.

The basic meditation practice of calm-abiding. Full instructions on this fundamental practice. A 15 minute meditation.

Tonglen is a powerful practice for working with the suffering in the world. In this practice I give full instructions in the practice, and we work with the suffering created by racial inequality that is so present for us all right now.

Becoming very intimate with ourselves is a powerful practice, and when we do so, when we love ourselves, we can learn to protect ourselves in the midst of these tumultuous times.

Reflecting on the amazing richness of life, the preciousness of our particular human birth, and the impermanence of everything leads to immense abundance in the present moment.

Metta – or loving-kindness – is a powerful practice of opening our heart to ourselves and to others. Especially in these difficult times it is a vital practice. In this session we work with our human body, that we all have, and open up towards others, including those we have difficulty with.

Your body is telling you a story right now – tune in and listen, and care enough about what it is telling you to take action in your life – to reduce stress, to slow down, to follow the leaps of joy in your heart.

This particular type of meditation, called 4 Phase Meditation, is one of the most powerful practices I know. You can work with this practice to create and allow your dreams, and to reach through time and space to versions of you experiencing your dream, for input and guidance.

Coming into the present moment is incredibly powerful. Practice with this 15 minute Nowness meditation, developing a sense of nothing to hide and nothing to prove in our world. Includes instructions on posture.

More practice with the powerful quantum field meditation for creating our dreams, for brining what we want into our lives.

The basic, i.e. fundamental practice of precisely staying with our body breathing is what brings stability and spaciousness to our mind. In this meditation there is instruction, and more space to work on your own.

Time expands as we slow down, paradoxically. Slow to the speed of a gentle curious playful stroll through the forest. Slow to the speed and natural rhythm of a single breath, and find the vastness contained within.

Fewer words, more space. Give yourself the gift of time and space. And whatever comes up for you becomes workable with willingness.

A more open practice, where we drop technique and extend our awareness into space, which helps us then find the space within our close surroundings also.

Tiger Energy of Contentedness and Resilience

The tiger energy of power, resilience and strength flows through us all. Touching down into this, becoming more aware and conscious of it can bring us peace and contentedness, and resilience in the face of all that we are facing these days. Practicing with Tiger energy has been a very powerful practice in my life, and helps me enormously through difficult times, as well as feeling wonderful in powerful times.

We all have a lineage to call on. Feeling connected to our unbroken heritage, that comes in many forms.

Whatever comes up – aggression, unfriendliness, ruminating, body pain, strong emotions – if we practice with this, we can hold the aspiration and develop the knowledge and faith that this is of benefit to all beings. The less aggression we produce, the less that other humans and animals will feel.

Metta – Loving Kindness – for all beings

The powerful Mahayana practice of Metta, reaching in, wrenching our heart open, for ourselves, and also for those that we have conflict with, that we hate perhaps. 

The Snow Lion leaps from mountaintop to mountaintop. Finding and cultivating the joy and cheerfulness inside us, and shifting our view of discipline to one of inviting it into our lives to help us thrive.

Relaxing down into the natural rhythym of life, and riding the breath out into space, can bring us into contact with Big Mind, as we release from the fixedness of small mind. This is our true nature, which we can begin to sense and shift our allegiance towards, which brings immense benefit.

Letting go, developing confidence, so that we can let go, and gaining confidence from letting go. Becoming more aware of the entangled processes that make up our being helps us cultivate an affinity for space rather than fixed identities.

Changing our relationship to thoughts, beginning to see that they do not define us, allows us to begin to know, at a deep level, our own fundamental basic goodness. This embodied knowledge, wisdom, changed everything for me. You can read this article which this meditation is based on. If we practice this particular meditation, the practices contained within, we can shift our entire relationship with the world, developing joy and light-heartedness.

The Garuda is born fully formed into the air, never touching the ground. We can let go, fly into the vastness of space, without fear – beyond fear, as we develop confidence and trust.

Always putting more input in exhausts us energetically. Reduce input, relax into the natural inhalation and exhalation of life, and find a very energizing rest which recharges us.

Minimal guidance gives us the space to figure things out on our own.

What will you do with this one wild and precious life?

Tonglen is a powerful practice that opens our hearts to the suffering in the world.

Much of the time we spend with our mind off in one place, our body doing something, we’re not quite sure what, and we don’t even hear our heart. Practice integrating all three, developing a listening for our heart.

Bringing our attention right in close, to our body, on those parts we don’t like, examining our fears right up close is a powerful practice.

Meditation with “extra” background noise, for a practice in everything being included. Meditation is not about excluding things until we get the perfect environment for us to practice in.

I truly believe appreciation is the most powerful force in the universe. If we look inside any one thing, we can find every thing else. We can find our mother and father within every other being – how can we not love everyone when this is the case?

This powerful sequence of connecting to earth, heaven, connecting to our genuineness, and radiating to space can energize us when we are feeling tired and dull.

We build our thoughts, judgements, fears, beliefs around us into a cocoon made up of threads of thoughts, spun into a protective shell. Sitting, following the breath, noticing these thoughts, and allowing them to be instead of feeding them and further building our cocoon is the way to a new kind of experience of life, where we directly contact the world rather than only seeing through our cocoon.

A powerful sequence from dissolving the self, to basic goodness, to basic confidence in the world, going beyond our fears into the senses and finding the joy and wonder in every blade of grass.

Basic instruction for meditation, with the view of our natural basic goodness.

The whole West Coast of the US is burning, with many millions of suffering beings. The practice of tonglen, or “taking and sending”, is an ancient practice that opens our heart with compassion and may provide benefit to those suffering.

The practice of meditation leads to the development of equanimity,  the ability to sit in the middle of a storm with peace. Showing up today. no matter what the circumstances are, as who you are, who you want to be, is powerful leadership.

A powerful practice of presenting, appreciation, reaching towards what you want, and then allowing this to come to you. Sink deep into this one and magic will happen.

These two dignities are my path through the sense of overwhelm that overtakes us. Placing one paw in front of the next and invoking discipline leads to clarity and joy.

Practing loving kindness for all that are suffering, especially those that we find difficult to understand. This practice urges us to go further, to open our heart more. Download.

Dragon is our wisdom quality, playing with the fabric of reality, the seasons of the world – creating lightning, writhing in the sky flashing wisdom, living the seasons of life expressing wisdom without struggle. 

Appreciation is the most powerful force in the universe. Open your heart to appreciating a single breath, the contains everything – death, birth, life, connection.