Snow falls like an army

The snow falls like an army outside my window
The white soldiers descend in lines so straight.
An invading spiritual army,
against which the human landscape has no defense.

For a while the roads and sidewalks put out a valiant effort
But as the gentle onslaught continues unabated
The whole earth yields – with a sigh.

I see all our edifices perched atop the ground, melt.
Their edges, their hard edges become rounded and soft.
I hear our Earth’s sigh, as all becomes one again.

Why resist this countless river of love.
Why do we want to?
Our Mother will give us no answer – she doesn’t know why either.
But gives her counsel in the form of that beautiful sigh.

This is why I’m here.
To witness this invasion.
To add my opening heart to the countless snowflake soldiers.
And experience tears of joy
as we hear the sigh arising
from a writhing suffering heart
releasing in the snowfall of gentleness.

Wishing you peace, love, magic, joy, and play in your journey.

If you think I may be able to help you, please reach out.