It is now our deepest pleasure to be introduced to you dear reader. We are here to begin a fascinating journey. One that will take us – you and us together – along a path of deep reconciliation. Reconciliation with this Earth, this vessel upon which we all spend our lives. We see its ongoing destruction through forces of consumerism. The speed with which this destruction of the planet on which we spend our time is occurring is worrying to us. We are here to see if some of our words may provide assistance in you turning this destructive path into one with a different direction. A direction of hope, creativity, co-operation, and purpose. One in which the outcome will bring us closer to experiencing harmony amongst all those that share life upon this planet.

This message has been spoken many times before. It is not a new message – please consume less, please be more mindful of the impact of your actions. This message has often been shared in this world before, we have all heard it yet continue in great part to ignore it. Our actions are not in integrity with our knowledge deep inside of what is the helpful path to walk.

We need you to hear that you must be the bringer of change. There is nobody else who is going to do it for you. At your individual level we urge you to listen to our words, channeled through Coyote, and take action upon hearing them. If you don’t things remain the same. Do you wish things to remain the same, where hate and weaponizing of words and judgement is the norm? If you truly desire change then you must bring this change, you must change your lifestyle, yes. We understand this is hard to take on board but it is indeed you, personally, that must undergo the change that you wish to see others in the world undertake. Don’t wait for them to do it – do it now, yourself. And yes, we mean today, right now in fact.

We understand that it is hard to hear yet another voice speaking from the depths of sanity saying that you are doing it wrong. This is not how we wish to appear to you. If we can instead show you that you are so very deeply loved, that you are lovable in all senses of the word, if we can speak to your heart through the words that we deliver through Coyote’s heartfelt presence, then perhaps we can create something together. We can step forward along a path that we build from where we are – where YOU are, to where we wish we all were.

This outcome that we wish to paint a picture of for you is simply what you already know in your heart if you dare to listen to it. Please look into your heart and when you see the place you desire, the place where you treat all others kindly, with affection, with love and connection, please recognize that is you that must create this place instead of the one you are creating today. A place where friendships flourish. A place where kindness is the norm. A place where we do not walk past those lying in the street and look away because we do not wish to see their suffering.

If you look around at where you live now you might see something different. You might see a place where people attack each other endlessly on media, on TV, in social media, in the halls of politics, and the news channels. This is not a place that we believe anyone wants to live if we really step back and take a look. Would we not all wish to be happy and engaged in positive acts of friendship towards our fellow humans? 

We are not trying to point fingers at any one person or groups of people in particular. This is not our style. Our style is to simply but directly point things out. We will ask you questions. We will invite you to examine your actions and your thoughts. This may appear sharp or challenging at first. But if you think about it long enough you may come to realize that in several areas of your life your thoughts and actions are out of step with your true beliefs.

So many of the messages that are shared in your TV world are ones of hatred, of violence with each other, of aggressive fighting over petty issues. Where are the messages of love, of positive change, of kindness towards others? Where is the sharing of stories that are happening everywhere about humans taking care of each other, of building homes for loved ones, of families growing tall and strong through mutual love and support? If we wish to surround ourselves with stories that inspire us, why do we continue to pay attention, money and time towards all the opposite stories – the nightmares in fact?

We wish to plant a different seed of possibility that we hope will grow into a faith in your heart that you can take actions towards building a different future. The one that you can see deep within your heart when you slow down enough to look for it. When you stop consuming so much that you are so weighted down by the impact of all your possessions that you cannot hear the song of your own heart. When you are moving so fast that you can’t look out the window at the world you are zipping past. The world that we will be encouraging you to see and give your allegiance to. Where is your allegiance now – to Amazon? To giant news corporations who sell advertising based on feeding your consumerism? We encourage you to examine where your fealty is – is it to the life you wished you were living, or is it with the structures created by your possessions and habits of consumption that you are unwilling to give up?

We also encourage you to examine what messages are you paying attention to – are they ones that tell you the required thing to do is to purchase more things in order to fix all the many gaps in your lifestyle, or are you filling your life with messages that contain a deeper wisdom, the wisdom that resonates in your heart, that reminds you that real happiness comes when we connect with others, when we love our neighbors as well as those we don’t know, even those that we dislike intensely.

It is this seed of possibility, this instant of belief in a different future that we wish to plant through our channeling with Coyote. His gift of presence, his gift of loving everyone will open the door to some, perhaps to you?, to receive and hear this message and allow it to be planted within you. Can you hear some hope and possibility of making a difference in your life and the life of those around you within your particular sphere of influence in the world?

Dear reader we will end this introduction here. This communication is channeled through Coyote but comes from us, Abel, our name for our being as we work through Coyote. If you are interested to hear more from us please come to one of our live sessions that we will be announcing shortly. This will be your opportunity to interact directly with Abel, ask questions, and receive help directly about issues in your life, ways to create change in your world, and whatever other topics you wish to have a conversation with us about. We will be delighted to engage with those that come. Until then, please be well and if you can, practice finding and experiencing peace, love, magic, joy and play in your daily experience.

Wishing you peace, love, magic, joy, and play in your journey.

If you think I may be able to help you, please reach out.