Hi. I’m Coyote.

I write about how to create change in your life, based on my experience. I write on topics like the joy & magic of life, depression, shame, transforming difficult experiences into learnings and wisdom, alcoholism, Buddhist teachings, meditation, playing and adventuring outside, suicide, LGBT issues, atypical relationships, upgrading your life, and technology – all of which I know quite a bit about. 

My purpose in life is to help others see the joy and magic that is all around us, to shine light so we can all see a little better, to play and explore this amazing life experience we are having, and to share whatever I find with anyone interested.

Dig into my musings and please comment and ask questions, it’d be great to engage with you.

I offer 1:1 coaching, and love to dig deep into sharing practices and helping you create the results you wish in life. Contact me here to set up a free call.

Wishing you Love, peace, magic, joy, and PLAY.


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Silent Screaming

I grew up in a land of constant fighting. The Ireland I grew up in is a divided nation. So much hate, dotted across a

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