I have such deep appreciation for the many guides and teachers that helped me along my way. The world is packed full of beautiful humans who can help point the way to discovering amazing wisdom in ourselves. I have traveled and spent time in many beautiful communities. I honor all those that have guided me, by living my well-being to the fullest, and by always being open and willing to pass the torch when another traveler comes seeking.


Spiritual growth, expansiveness, freedom, integrity, and practice have been the main focus of my life for the past decade. I’ve invested many tens of thousands of dollars in my training. If you are in a place in life where you are looking to change, if you are looking to consciously create freedom, to transform your experience of yourself, your relationships, your money, I offer my support. Reach out to me and we can set up an appointment to see if it would be beneficial to work together.


My purpose in life is to help others see the joy and magic that is all around us, to shine light so we can all see a little better, to play and explore this amazing life experience we are having, and to share whatever I find with anyone interested.


I believe the core transformation that many of us must undergo in order to live a life of freedom, connection, belonging, purpose, authenticity and joy is the transformation from self-criticism to self-love. And beyond that, to seeing the basic goodness that is innate in all beings – read this for a taste of what I mean. For many this can be a deeply difficult journey – it was so for me, and I needed a lot of help along the way. It is always our own journey however, for which we must take full responsibility. But, there are guides and people willing and able to help. The main question is, how long are you willing to wait? If you’re ready to transform, to invest in yourself, reach out. 

Working Together

In working together we would meet by video call. I see the work as being in four parts, but everything is individual and the work we do together will be customized for whatever it is that you want to work on. Wherever you are is the perfect place to engage.

Part 1: Illuminate the Landscape

We will work to understand the gap between where you are now, and what you want. Understand what is the impact of the gap on your life and on those around you. What specific goals do you want to achieve? And most importantly how do you want to feel?

We will get to know each other, and you’ll tell me about any of your current awareness practices. We will talk about emotional authenticity – are you free and able to talk about feelings & experiences. Are you free to be yourself with the people in your life. Do you get to share in an emotionally authentic way with others.

We’ll talk about structure & accountability, what works best for you, and implement it. One of the great benefits of a coach is having someone on your side, who is at least as dedicated as you are (and sometimes a little more!) to helping you.

Part 2: Walk Away From Suffering

There are such great wisdoms from many different traditions that help us begin to transform our experience of life. From meditation to journalling, morning routines, vulnerability, play, touch, being outside – many tools and practices are available that I have experience with. But we need to do them. We’ll work together with the tools that I’ve been trained in, that I’ve found useful, and we’ll find the right ones for you. Practicing with these is what makes enormous difference, and shifts our experience.

Part 3: Run Towards Joy

Can you hear your heart? What is it saying? Do you care how you feel, really deeply care how you feel? What is your purpose and are your actions aligned with it? Can you surrender to the possibility of doing what your heart wants? Cultivating the ability to actually shift our beliefs, our identity, is the core of transforming our experience of our own self-worth. We will work together to develop this. What are your dreams, and can you let them out? We will learn how to be whatever it is that you want to be, then naturally you will do the things that lead to achieving it.

Part 4: Thrive Joyfully

I have five freedom-keys in my life that have unlocked the door to thriving joyfully. I think these freedom-keys are broadly applicable, but there are also others, and we’ll work on creating your own freedom-keys for your joyful life:

In my life I have created the Freedom of Time for myself – do only what I want to do, own where I spend this precious commodity. I learned a lot about how to do this and believe it is a very fundamental freedom that is key to thriving.

Freedom of Location is another freedom-key – do you feel caged, imprisoned, or just caught in the routine of home, work, bed – rinse and repeat? We will work on generating a freedom of movement that will bring a breath of fresh air.

Freedom of Money – what is your experience of money, does it flow abundantly in your life? Recognizing the abundance that is all around us including money is another freedom-key for joyful thriving.

The Freedom of Purpose is the fourth freedom-key. Do you know your purpose, is your livelihood aligned, are you free to work on what you want to bring into the world, and are you doing it.

And the fifth freedom-key, Freedom of Authenticity. Are you free to fully be yourself, because you love yourself, with yourself and with the others in your life.


$ 489 Monthly
  • weekly coaching sessions
  • accountability check-ins
  • direct chat
  • customized training plans